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Dear Friend,

Losing fat is hard enough...But what's more frustrating than "successfully" losing weight, only to discover that you've lost muscle in the process?

The bad news: It happens more than you think and it hits certain groups of people harder than others. The good news: there are simple strategies you can start using today to lose 100% pure fat - and keep all the muscle!

In my latest FREE BODY TRANSFORMATION REPORT I show you the EXACT reasons why most people lose muscle when they're dieting for fat loss.

You will discover the most recent, cutting-edge, research-proven techniques so you can maintain every ounce of precious lean body mass while you're dieting.

That means - you will lose 100% PURE FAT... and avoid the "skinny fat" look (where you've lost weight, but also lost muscle, so you weigh less but still look soft and flabby - definitely NOT what you're after).

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