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Welcome to the "Holy Grail Body Transformation" affiliate tools and information page. You can find banners and other affiliate tools as you scroll down this page.

The Holy Grail website has been updated and is in the process of getting additional enhancements for both sales and customer satisfaction, including a new edition of the program (version 3.0).

This product has an incredible sales history. Five years ago, The original Holy Grail Body Transformation System (clickbank product name THEGRAIL), exploded onto the clickbank scene for the first time with a multi-six figure launch that shot The Holy Grail #1 in the exercise-fitness category (#6 of ALL Clickbank products) and gravity peaked at 98.56... from scratch... in just 3 days.

Affiliates reaped a windfall of cash, with 75% payouts, multiple upsells, MEGA high conversion and stellar earnings per click.

Holy Grail #1 Exercise and Fitness Product After Grail 2.0 Launch

We WILL RE-LAUNCH again when version 3.0 of the Holy Grail system is completed. Right now, you can start cashing in on your share of the commissions by promoting the holy grail on a daily basis.

We're here to help you by providing you with affiliate tools and marketing promotions that you can use daily.

Right here on this page (below), you can find the affiliate basics including banner ads, book cover grahpics, solo emails and article-based landing pages

Clickbank Affiliate Hoplink Information

ClickBank Product Name: THEGRAIL

Affiliate hoplink format:
(replace "tomvenuto" with YOUR clickbank name (tom venuto is MY name!)

Clickbank Product Information

Program title is "The Holy Grail Body Transformation System".
Program subtitle: How to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time

There are 2 primary product benefits / target markets:

1. To gain muscle without gaining fat ("lean muscle gain" aka "non-bulking" muscle gains)
2. To gain muscle and lose fat at the same time (aka "body recomposition").

We recommend against promoting this as a weight loss program because when someone buys it thinking it is mainly for fat loss, upon reading it they will in fact see that it is first and foremost a muscle gain program.

The Holy Grail is especially geared toward people who want to gain muscle who are not "hardcore" bodybuilders (IT'S A HUGE MARKET - and Includes women! This sells GREAT to women since it doesn't use the old school bulking method)

The Holy Grail Checklist:

  • 1-click upsells? Check!
  • 75% maximum payout? Check!
  • Insane (and pre-tested) conversion rates? Check!
  • Affiliate tools? Check!
  • Amazing high-quality science-based product? Check
  • Established author with great reputation (on clickbank since 2003)? Check
  • Low refund rate? Check

Commission payout is a whopping 75% which is $32.67 (approximately - may vary) per sale just on the basic package alone. 41% take the "nutrition coach" upsell for an additional $20 (approximately), making nearly half of all transactions clock in at almost $53 per customer. Plus a handful the 2nd upsell as well bringing the possible total commissions to $80.00, right up front (no waiting/hoping for any promised "back end" commissions that never materialize).

Our exit sales strategies capture an enormous number of "lost sales" with a 50% payment plan offer and then a $1.00 trial offer. This by the way, is all FOUND BUSINESS, as the reduced price payment plans and trial membership are not seen by visitors until they try to leave the site. We grab the sales after they have already said "no thanks" and are on the way "out the door" (the exit offers are irresistible).

Conversion and Testing History

The holy grail body transformation system was meticulously tested in pre launch phase for months before it was opened to affiliates. It has been one our best-selling, highest-paying, best-converting and most well-received products we have ever published.

We first realized we had a sizzling hot product on our hands when we gave the holy grail away for free as a premium (bonus item) with the purchase of one of our other ebooks.

During this fairly low-key promotion in 2010, we sold 1028 ebooks and our conversions tripled from their usual level to 3.49%. It was at this point we realized that the Holy Grail should be a stand-alone product for sale on its own website.

We continued testing the Holy Grail body Transformation system product by selling it to our house lists and inner circle members (which we consider "hot" leads). The result: 8.73% average conversions! If you note the screenshot below, you'll see only 334 copies sold, but that is because we had reset the split test (we are ALWAYS testing). Prior to this recent new test, we had already sold over 2,000 copies to our hot list.

It's easy to sell stuff to your customers and to hot prospects. So how did the holy grail sell to cold, or at best "warm" leads? You can see below the initial results when we opened the site in 2010... 3.65% conversion. That was the real-time conversion rate prior to our launch. (conversions were much higher during our launch). These sales were made mostly to our house list and to several affiliates who were invited to promote early on.

Holy Grail conversions during pre-launch sales

During the week of the launch conversions held steady in the 4-5% range, rising sharply to the 9-11% range (see below) by Friday, the last day of the promotion. By Friday night, with the deadline hours away, conversions were as high as 15.3%.

Holy Grail 2.0 Launch Promotion - Last Day - Conversions in the double digits all day!
(And notice how we are always split testing - and usually, beating our controls)

What do normal conversions look like day to day when there is no launch? Well, the numbers I've shown you so far are aggregated conversions - the conversion rate on all traffic put together. The number that really matters is YOUR conversion rate - and that I can't give you - you'll have to start promoting the product and measure it for yourself.

What I can do is show you the conversion rates for some of our top affiliates, based on clickbank analytics. Your conversions may be better or worse - I cannot make any promises about your individual conversion rate:

Top affiliates:
#1 1 in 16 (6.25% conversion)
#2 1 in 66 (1.51% conversion)
#3 1 in 41 (2.43% conversion)
#4 1 in 70 (1.42% conversion)
#5 1 in 51 (1.96% conversion)
#6 1 in 32 (3.1% conversion)
#7 1 in 21 (4.76% conversion)
#8 1 in 5 (20% conversion)
#9 1 in 13 (7.6% conversion)
#10 1 in 88 (1.13% conversion)

What about right now? What are day to day conversions on OVERALL REGULAR TRAFFIC, with no special promotions, no launches and even including COLD TRAFFIC?

Current Day to Day (non-promotion) Conversion Rate (all traffic, including cold traffic): 1.63%

While many vendors only brag about their launch conversions, house list conversions or "hot off the press" brand new product conversions, I've given you our entire conversion history to date, including the conditions in which they were achieved. Our launch promotion conversions are off the charts, yet our day to day conversions are excellent as well.

Again, I can't promise anything, but if you have some marketing savvy, and you can pre-sell well, the odds are good that you'll be among the affiliates with the higher numbers instead of the just average conversions.

Now for some affiliate promotional tools...


Sending out just one solo email could net you some serious cash any time you need a cash infusion.


Solo Email #1 (long copy)



Solo Email #2 (short copy solo - or PS at end of your regular newsletter) NOTE: you need to edit for the time of year you send it: this was originally sent in the summer



This has got to be one of my personal favorite ways to promote, because it is not high pressure sales - to the contrary, it's soft sell - but it converts shockingly well.

The technique is simple: we have set up some articles on our Holy Grail site (called "article landing pages"). You can NOT reprint these articles on your site. You CAN send traffic to these articles on our site through specially coded clickbank links.

The articles on each page are packed with value to the reader. They are 90% educational - high quality content. Then at the end of the article there is a tie-in that connects the article subject matter to the holy grail product. The article concludes with one or more calls to action, which generates a click through to our sales page.

You would think that sending traffic straight to the sales page is the highest converting marketing method, and that is usually the case. However, people today are getting tired of being constantly pitched and they are starved for quality content and value. These landing pages allow you to do your readers a favor by sharing articles with them (PERFECT for twitter and facebook).

Because the content is so valuable, you will actually increase your subscriber and reader loyalty instead of irritating them with constant sales pitches. The best email marketers and bloggers have learned how to mix up content with direct sales pitches. But it never dawned on most of them to do both at the same time. Educate and give value first, then seamlessly lead into a soft sell sales pitch at the end. We LOVE this technique. It's beautiful for today's weary consumer and pitch-heavy marketplace.

Here's what you do: Just send traffic to the article landing pages using the special hoplinks associated with each article. There are many ways to you can link to these articles:

1. Post a link on facebook
2. Tweet the link (repeatedly!)
3. Post the link in a forum (NEVER spam a forum, only share links appropriately as part of a helpful forum post that does not violate any forum policies)
4. Blog the link (being a blog, you might add a short commentary / editorial about what my articles say)
5. Email the link. This of course is the most effective method of all and its what we do first with our house list. Works like gangbusters. In fact, we do not release any articles to affiliates until we have tested the article on our house list first.


We will be adding to this article list regularly, almost every week. In the meantime, here are a couple of our top landing pages to get you started:

ARTICLE 1: How many reps to gain muscle

sends traffic to:

ARTICLE 2: Body Part split routines to gain muscle

sends traffic to:




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Tom Venuto, author of:
The Holy Grail Body Transformation System

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* EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: The Holy Grail affiliate program makes no promises or assurances about earnings, commissions, conversions or income potential. This affiliate program, run though, is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Affiliate marketing is a real business that takes work and must be approached like a real business. As with any real business, there are risks, including the risk of loss of capital, including money spent on running a website and advertising. By participating in this affiliate program, you acknowledge that individual results may vary, there is no guarantee you will make any money and you agree to take responsibility for all risks including risk of loss.